How Portable Storage Buildings Beat Permanent Structures

In today’s highly advanced material society, businesses and homes everywhere are running out of storage. The needs for storage by any given business often change dramatically. And with the average time to own a house falling around two years, homeowners are finding their needs for storage go beyond simple garden sheds. This is where portable storage buildings are making a mark.

Advantages of portable storage buildings

Portable storage buildings have several key advantages over permanent structures, including the following:

Cost – Portable storage buildings are cheaper and require virtually no maintenance. This is because they’re often constructed of durable pre-fabricated galvanized steel pieces. They also require no additional foundation, eliminating the expense of concrete or gravel.

Flexibility – Portable storage dealers usually offer a range of accompanying services. This include delivering the building to any location at any time – greatly reducing the necessity to drive to and from the building’s temporary location. It also eliminates the extra cost of renting a hauling truck. Dealers also offer installation and anchoring services, and ramps or steps for easier access.

Security – Because movable storage buildings are often made from strong alloys and employ industrial strength latching mechanisms, they are often much more secure than permanent storage structures like garden sheds, wooden barns, and even some warehouses.

Types of Portable Storage Buildings

One of the keys to the flexibility of storage units is their availability in all shapes and sizes. You can find one to fit just about any purpose. Some different units include:



Concession Stands

Mini sheds

Storage Sheds



Uses for Portable Storage Buildings

The possibilities for portable buildings extends way beyond conventional storage. Larger structures such as barns and warehouses can be used for the same items as their permanent counterparts – large industrial or farming equipment, bulk inventory, even temporary animal shelters. The common sized units are used for everything from portable offices to classrooms, from summerhouses to household possessions. More custom units still can be used in trade shows, as ticket booths, or retail kiosks in addition to storing a variety of items. And the smallest units are seen often as porta-potties everywhere.

No matter what you want to use a movable storage building for, there is very likely a unit to fit your needs. From simple storage of household goods to hosting large trade shows and everything in between, nothing matches the convenience of portable units backed by a quality dealership.