Are Portable Garages Ideal For Your Home?

Perhaps you’re tired of seeing leaves, dirt, and bird droppings on your vehicle every morning. Perhaps water always seems to accumulate on the top after a night of rain. Perhaps you don’t want the sun to damage the vehicle’s exterior.
In any of these instances, portable garages are a simple solution for setting up a shelter for a vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle, boat, or RV. Such shelters are designed with a frame of galvanized steel tubing and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, rot proof, and mildew resistant.

If you’re considering a portable garage for storing your vehicle, the first aspect you need to consider is need. Will the shelter be storing your ordinary vehicle, or will it cover a seasonal one?
For the latter, some portable garages are designed with dimensions to specifically fit boats and RVs.
Additionally, such shelters often have an enclosed design, while those for your everyday vehicle have a valance style.

Valance and enclosed styles are the two basic forms for portable garages. The former is typically used for carports and, aside from the polyethylene canopy roof, has a general open style that can be modified later for full coverage.
Enclosed canopies, on the other hand, tend to come in rounded and peaked roof varieties, in which the canopy portion covers the entire frame and has a roll or zip-up door.
A rounded enclosed shelter, in particular, is ideal for areas that experience heavy rain or snow, as the precipitation simply rolls off the surface.

Another factor to consider before purchasing a portable garage is your local laws. Nearly all towns and cities have zoning regulations or ordinances regarding portable garages and similar buildings.
In general, these specify where the shelter can be placed on your property; typically, the front is excluded, while side and rear locations are more acceptable. Restrictions may also be in place for the size of portable buildings. Such shelters can cover as much as six vehicles – but your town may only allow those that cover the size of two.