Garages have become a necessity these days, especially for the high end cars people are buying these days. However, many people live in the rented houses or their job takes them many places, what option do such people have? For them building a brick and mortar parking lot is not a feasible option, in such cases Portable garages comes to rescue. Portable parking lots are a lot more economic and a practical option than the traditional permanent barns. Apart from that, they are available in a plethora of structures, shapes and sizes. Though one thing is common amongst all of them, and that is their Composition. The basic type of Portable canopies has round and pointed roofs, and various barn shaped structures. Many designs do not have sides, and many come with four sides. The shape of the structure of your portable parking lot will obviously depend on your requirements. Your use will determine the structure of the car port. You can take your pick according to your requirements, location and space available in the garden or backyard, and not to forget climatic conditions of the place.

Peaked Roof Portable Garage:

The pointed roof structures are the most preferred and best structure for the portable storage buildings. These portable canopies come in a house shape design. This structure is best suited for moderate climate. The peaked roof can vary in some cases. Some canopy designs might have steeper peaked roof than others. These are best for moderate climate places that receive moderate amount of rainfall or snowfall during the year. Although these tents are water resistant, but still in areas that receive heavy rainfall and snowfall, water can sneak in these polyethylene canopies, spoiling all your stored stuff and vehicle. Moreover, water or snow can build up on the peaked roof structure, worsening the situation. These polyethylene portable canopies, with only a roof and no sides, are best used as carports rather than proper garages. For long term use, use four sided canopies.

Rounded Roof Portable Garage:

Rounded roof canopies are also very commonly used. These are best options for long term use or for seasonal vehicles, as they have sturdier frame and are fully covered with polyethylene canopy from all four sides. The frame is structured better to face worst climatic conditions that are heavy snowfall and rainfall. Its curved surface allows the rain water or snow to not accumulate on the top.

Barn Shaped Portable Garage:

These are more or else same as the peaked roof canopies on the basis of function and structure. However, because of their shape these are more popular to be used as storage space for farm equipments. The shelter they provide is wider than peaked shaped canopies, which provides more storage space for the farm equipments.

Portable garages are the best option, as these are economical, durable, provide ample storage and parking space and can be transferred easily to new locations.