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At Haber’s, we build to suit custom buildings, at an affordable price!

Haber’s is a small, family owned business that is here to meet all your building needs. As a smaller company, we bring you the very best in customer service, with our values of honesty and integrity.

Whatever your building needs might be, we can help you fulfill that need with a variety of materials, from wood to steel, and within any budget.

So, why a portable building or steel structure? There are many advantages to using a portable building over a traditional building.

  • Portable buildings are, well, obviously, portable. Should you decide later that you need your structure elsewhere, it can be done at a fraction of the cost of another building.
  • Portable buildings can be ready for use in much less time than a traditional structure.

Did you know:

  • Steel buildings can be built on site where portable buildings cannot be delivered.
  • Steel buildings are very durable.
  • Speed of occupancy is accelerated in a steel structure.
  • Due to modern technology, steel structures are accurately created the first time much more often than their traditional counterparts. This conveys multiple benefits, including increased energy efficiency. Windows and doors close better with less gaps, thus reducing the exchange of hot or cold air through them.
  • Portable buildings are often just as sturdy, and just as safe, as their traditional counterparts.
  • As portable buildings do not require a foundation, it is often easier to obtain the proper permits for their use.
  • Portable buildings are often cost less than traditional structures.

Portable buildings can be used to meet a variety of needs. Need extra storage? A cabin? A playhouse? How about a steel structure for manufacturing and industrial needs? Whatever your need, we can help you achieve your goals and dreams. All our structures are designed to be up to code, durable and safe.

Additional services available in the DFW area, only.

Concrete slabs

Spray foam insulation

Portable decks

Decks built on-site.

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